Glitter - Smile

Glitter - Smile
Glitter - Smile
Glitter - Smile

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Application using dip powders:

1.File, shape, and buff, and clean nail to prep
2.Apply base coat.
3.Dip nail into colored dip powder. Repeat if you'd like the color a little darker.
4.Apply base coat. Dip or sprinkle pigment onto nail. Allow to dry.
5.Apply base coat. Dip into clear powder.
6.Apply at least 2 coats of activator allowing each coat to dry before moving on. You may need more activator depending how many times you dip your nails. Smooth with a buffer or file if needed (if you file be sure to apply 2 more coats of activator).
7.Apply top coat. Allow to dry.
8.Apply a 2nd coat. Allow to dry.

Application using nail polish:

1.File, shape, and buff, and clean nail to prep
2.Apply base coat. Allow to dry.
3.Apply colored polish. Allow to dry.
4.Apply 2nd coat of color. Dip nail or sprinkle pigment onto nail before the 2nd coat dries.
5.Tap off excess pigment. Allow to dry.
6. Gently brush off excess pigment.
7.Apply a top coat. Allow to dry.
8.Apply a 2nd coat of top coat. Allow to dry.
9.If needed use nail polish remover on a brush to clean any polish off your skin. Smooth nail edges with a file if needed.

Removal Steps:

1.File or buff the shine or top coat off your nail.
2.Pour pure acetone into a shallow container and soak your nails for 10-20 minutes, then dry them with a paper towel. Or you can wrap each nail in a cotton ball soaked with acetone, then cover them with foil. You can check your nail after 15 minutes. If it is not sticky and soft, your nails need to soak longer.
3.Wash hands and apply nail oil.

Ingredients: 10g Glitter

How long will BellaHoot nail art last?
The fact is, every person is different and their daily routines vary, and will affect the length of their manicure. Following the preparation and application directions appropriately will help ensure a longer lasting manicure.
Colors may vary based on screen differences.
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