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BellaHoot offers beautiful manicures and pedicures that are quick and easy to apply.  We're a family owned business and perfect for women that are always on the go! Our nail strips and dip powders are fun and easy to apply! They will hold up against the busiest of hands and feet!





BellaHoot provides the opportunity to highlight your personal style for any occasion! Our variety of styles is wide and the manicure combination options are endless! Customers can choose from the sheers, solids, sparkles, and stylish strips that most define, accentuate, and showcase their personal image.



With design options from luxurious, sophistication, to wild and free, BellaHoot offers the perfect design for everyone! BellaHoot also offers the foundation you need to build a BellaHoot business. Our opportunity to share our amazing, long lasting, easy to apply nail strips!






Nail Polish Strips

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Live your best life! Create a gorgeous manicure with BellaHoot Nail Polish Strips or Dip Powders, with designs crafted for unique experiences. Our choices for colors are varied and purposeful. We dedicate our designs to to all tastes. Polish Strip design options include Sheer, Solid, Sparkle, Stylish.  Most design concepts will include 14-16 double ended nail polish strips as designed for easy application.


Premium Polish

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Premium Polish strips include more size options that everyone will love and those with wider nail beds will find easier to use. Most design concepts will include 18-22 double ended nail polish strips.Our Premium Polish Strips offer a wide variety including Stylish, Sparkle, Sheer and French Tip designs, and Solid Colors including Pearl, Holographic, and Metallic, 


Polish Strip Minis

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Polish Strip Minis have the style and elegance of larger strips with the simplicity of a smaller design. These strips are perfect for smaller nails and smaller toes. 

Vinyl Nail Strips

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Vinyl strips have patterns and designs that are vivid, fun, and beautiful. These strips are designed to celebrate all aspects of social life.  Our Vinyl strips have the same ingredients as our polish strips, but with a vinyl backing.  Most design concepts will include 14 double ended nail polish strips as designed for easy application.


BellaHoot Exclusives 

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BellaHoot exclusives are unique making athletic, social, and playful statements. These exclusive BellaHoot styles were designed by and are only availble with BellaHoot! 




BellaHoot seasonal styles offer gorgeous and unique fashions including designs that are perfect for all holidays, events, and seasons! 



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BellaHoot celebrates America and American fashion! BellaHoot offers many different styles and fashions perfect to show off at your celebrations!


Mommy and Me

BellaHoot celebrates motherhood and the special bound between mother and a special daughter. BellaHoot manicure and pedicures and the perfect way to spend some Mommy and Me time!


Powder Dips and Accessories 

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BellaHoot offers a comprehensive and growing line of Dip Powders including Sparkle, Solid, Halographic, and Glow in the Dark options


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BellaHoot offers a wide array of pigments that can be added to your Dip Powders or liquid polishes.  Add a little to your clear top coats to add a little sparkle or splash of color to any manicure!



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At BellaHoot, our variety of nail art tools is extensive including manicure sets, nail files, buffers, and many more. 

While Supplies Last

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Check out these great last minute deals for products at lower prices. Grab them before they are gone!  



We offer multiple ways to get involved. We expect customers to love our products and share with friends. We also want everyone to engage our company as a member of our corporate family including how to sign up to become an appliate or apply our products.


Experience BellaHoot luxury items from all perspectives with friends and family!


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