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Help: I am not receiving emails from BellaHoot

It is common to mistype your email address when creating your account. Login to the MY ACCOUNT and check your email address in 2 different locations. My Account / Back Office / Edit your Profile & Edit your Account Information. 

Are you still not receiving emails?  Check your email spam filter.  If you find emails from us in your spam filter, "whitelist" or "Approve" them so you receive future email notifications. If you have a section to auto approve, or white list all emails. Add bellahoot.com to the approved list.

Are you still not receiving emails?  Our server is sending emails, guaranteed. We process an order about 1 time per minute, all day. Each order that is placed generates 6 emails. 3 orders receipt emails (customer, the rep and BellaHoot) and 3 commission emails (store owner, level 1 and level 2).  We send about 10,000 to 20,000 system notification emails a day. Although legitimate emails, many email providers misinterpreted our notifications as spam. We are continually identifying these email providers and requesting to be white listed, 

How you can help: There is no need to contact the BellaHoot support about this, only time will fix the problem. We are working diligently to get white listed with all email providers. You can contact your email provided and request all email be allowed from bellahoot.com.

Policies: I received a damaged product. What do I do?

First, let us say that we apologize for your inconvenience! Please notify us within 10 business days from the USPS "Delivered" date concerning your damaged item. Submit a support ticket through the site, or email bellahootllc@gmail.com, including your Order ID and a photo of the product and USPS packaging. You will receive a reply within 2 business days providing further instructions concerning the product. We advise you to not throw anything away. We request that you please hold on to the damaged product, the box, or envelope and all the original packaging. USPS may actually require you to take your package to your local post office to show them the evidence of damage.  Thank you. 

Policies: Do you offer a discount on bulk shipping?

Yes.  All US orders over $35 before shipping/tax ship free.  All international orders over $100 before shipping/tax ship free.

Policies: "Delivered" status, have not received it.

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience! The United States Post Offices show your package has been "Delivered".  We want to do our best to help, but the first step is to contact your local post.  Ask them to verify the GPS tracking scan to see if it was delivered to the correct address.  If they cannot look that up, ask them for the local USPS Consumer Affairs number.  Either way be sure to also get a claim number. They may have questions for you that we will not bThey should contact your carrier and attempt to get the package redelivered.  They You should hear back from them within 24 - 48 business hours.  

Information you will need:

•    Tracking Number
•    Proof of invoice or receipt

We ask is that you help them with their investigation. If the post office is unable to resolve the issue, please use the "Contact Us" tab.

Please be sure to include in your contact for to BellaHoot corporate:

•    Customer Name

•    Tracking Numbe

•    Name and phone number to reach the USPS agent you spoke to

•    Claim number and their conclusion regarding your package

We will do our best to help get your package redelivered!

Policies: I received the incorrect product. What do I do?

First, let us apologize for your inconvenience. If you have received the wrong product, please notify our Support Team immediately by sending a ticket or an email to bellahootllc@gmail.com. Include your Order ID, photos of the product you received and your packing slip. Once we receive we will happily correct the issue for you. Thank you! 

Products: What is the difference between Polish Strips and Stickers?

Yes.  All US orders over $35 before shipping/tax ship free.  All international orders over $100 before shipping/tax ship free.

Products: Aren't these all just stickers?

We call our "stick on nail art" nail strips or nail stickers, but they can be referred to as wraps, appliques, strips, or stickers. Essentially all the different words that different companies use for their nail art products is simply preference. The application processes and ingredients may vary. . 

Shipping - International representatives, sales and shipping fee

Normal processing time is 3-5 business days. Seasonal delays may apply. Once the order has shipped, an email notification will be sent to the email on file. You can check your order status by logging into your account, then checking "My Purchases".  USPS may not update your tracking information once it leaves US customs. BellaHoot is not responsible for any additional customs charges or fees applied by your country. 

If I live outside the USA can I become a Consultant?  YES. - Unless your specific county has a trade embargo with the USA, then you cannot sign up and we cannot pay you.

Does BellaHoot ship product international? YES. - We are working to unlock new countries, go to Checkout and see if your country is available. If your specific county has a trade embargo with the USA then we cannot ship.

How much does international shipping cost? If we've "opened" the country (setup local product distribution), Shipping is $20 USD unless the order is over $100 USD before shipping/tax. Prices showing on your creidt card or paypal account will reflect the currency exchange. If the country is Not opened, depending on the product, shipping options may not be available.   

Should I sell product overseas or become a Consultant if I live overseas?  This is your choice. If we are not currently shipping to your country, you may still be able to sell in countries (like the USA) that are open and get paid. You are welcome to try! 

This is all the overseas information we have. From here it is your decision if you can justify the time & effort. Thank you

Shipping - How quickly does BellaHoot ship product orders?

Normal processing time is 3-5 business day. Seasonal delays may apply. Once the order has shipped, an email notification will be sent to the email on file. Customers can check their order status by logging into their account, then checking "My Purchases". Thank you.

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