Removal Clips - Pink

Removal Clips - Pink
Removal Clips - Pink
Removal Clips - Pink

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Removal Clips

Nail art reusable soak off clip: 10 pack soak off clips, they are made of good quality acrylic material, durable enough for your daily using; Clip size is approx. 2 x 4.5 cm. Can be used for professional salon or in the comfort of your own home.

Dip Powder Removal Steps:

1.File or buff the shine or top coat off your nail.
2.Wrap each nail in a cotton ball soaked with acetone. Use removal clips to hold the cotton in place. You can check your nail after 15 minutes. If it is not sticky and soft, your nails need to soak longer.
3.Wash hands and apply nail oil.

How long will BellaHoot nail art last?
The fact is, every person is different and their daily routines vary, and will affect the length of their manicure. Following the preparation and application directions appropriately will help ensure a longer lasting manicure.
Colors may vary slightly as device screens will differ. 
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